Men's Hair Restoration

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Men's Hair Restoration

Hair growth and treatments most widely used for men’s hair loss are listed here. There are hair loss products that help slow down the alopecia process, and few products may help hair regrowth.

If you’re unhappy about thinning hair, there is the medical option of a plastic surgical hair transplant. Also, there are the medical drugs of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors Finasteride and Minoxidil.

Non-medical Hair Loss Solutions

For non-medical hair loss treatments, the most common hair loss products used are the cosmetic options of hair replacement systems, hairpieces, wigs or hair extensions. These are used as hair loss solution to conceal thinning hair or complete baldness.

MEP-90 laser light hair treatment is the latest FDA approved medical treatment to grow hair. Testing with females experiencing Androgenetic Alopecia, the MEP-90 showed it’s ability to stop the progression of hair loss, healthier hair growth, and proven in clinical studies to promote measurable new hair growth. Read more about the data here

Men's Hair Loss​ Treatments Today

Medical Men's Hair Restoration

  • Medical hair transplant surgery
  • Rogaine - Minoxidil hair growth medication
  • Propecia - Finasteride hair growth medication
  • MEP-90 Laser hair regrowth therapy FDA approved

Non Medical Solutions

  • Non-surgical hair replacement for men
  • Men's Wigs
  • MEP-90 Laser hair regrowth therapy FDA approved

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Men's Pattern Baldness

Nu Hair in Dallas Fort Worth is considered one of the best hair replacement center in the country. Dallas renowned hair restoration specialist suggests that physician diagnosis is needed to evaluate the underlying disorder responsible for hair loss. If you see sudden male hair loss, you should first check with your family doctor or internist. A dermatologist will treat skin infections that cause hair loss. It may be necessary for you to see an endocrinologist for hormone imbalances, namely androgens. A doctor can offer medical treatment to improve the hair loss condition. Take the first step right NOW! 

***Smart choice is Nu Hair replacement. Hair system without hair transplant surgery. Single hair grafts to simulate healthy hair follicles. Natural, comfortable, and great looking hair. Hair power for today’s stylish man. Take the first step right NOW! Contact us for your no-obligation hair loss consultation.

Men Hair Replacement System No Surgery Hair Restoration Dallas TX
Men Hair Replacement System No Surgery Hair Restoration Dallas TX
Men Hair Replacement System No Surgery Hair Restoration Dallas TX

Health, Steroid & Men's Hair Loss

Using may jeopardize one’s health. Side effects of steroids can cause men’s hair loss in addition to other health problems. Long lasting side effect includes – premature balding or hair loss, dizziness, depression, and aggression, hallucinations, sleep problems, nausea, high blood pressure, aching joints, liver damage, urinary problems, increased risk of strokes.

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From the hiking trail to mowing the lawn, Nu Hair’s youthful hair keeps you motivated. With the freedom of full hair, you can do it all. Recent advances in single graft implant technique in hair replacement systems have made hair restoration natural results then ever. Talk to a specialist to find the hair restoration solution that ‘s right for you.

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Smart choice is Nu Hair replacement. Natural, comfortable, and great looking hair. Appointment required. Call 972-490-7766 or email us.